Moringa Oleifera Project



Imagine ...

a tree, an awesome tree you can enjoy from the roots to the highest branches, a tree that can feed you, heal you, protect you... a tree so old and so new... That can clean the water, clean the atmosphere.. grows fast without destroying the environment, even enhancing the growth of other plants & trees around!
This magic tree can be found from India to Asia to America & Africa to Madagascar, our 6th continent. The name of this Magic tree is Moringa Oleifera - in Malagasy: Ananambo. In ancient times, Moringa was known and used by traditional cultures around the world.

Imagine ...

two great musicians, Mfa Kera (Black Heritage Productions) & Ricky Olombelo (Vazimba Productions) - with common sense - who want to spread that tree and its benefits to all the ones in need.

Imagine ...

the power of Music as ultimate voicing to reconciliate Man & Nature and you will know our dedication to a project consisting in going on tour, playing, composing, recording, but especially informing and distributing seeds and all possible for that tree to be reconsidered and planted and rejoice those ones in need.
In Madagascar, a country where as in most parts of the world the ecologic balance is in jeopardy... but indeed it is never too late - those 2 musicians called upon other wonderful artists who join the project.

The Project ...

started already in March by Ricky Olombelo the Tour will continue on July, 30th joined by Mfa Kera in the capitol city of Madagascar, Antananarivo, at the traditional ceremony of high school diploms – Manala Azy - which marks a preparation for the entrance into a new life. It will continue in schools, universities, colleges, villages, congregations, factories, hospitals, accompanied by scientists and bio-agronoms.

Support ...

In cooperation with ‘Trees for the Future’, ‘Sun for life’ and hopefully YOU, we want help to plant as many trees as possible to reforest this island and help the people to help themselves by using the benefits of Moringa Oleifera properly. For one $ we can plant one Tree!

We thank the German Embassy for its involvement, the GTZ for financing some flights and the Goethe-Zentrum in Madagascar for workshops.

Please find all details for support and donations at and soon at

Or leave your business card to receive a complete presentation about the Ananambo and it’s fantastic possibilities.

Mfa Kera & Ricky Olombelo

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