Reforestation Project
"The Power of  Music and Arts to Reconcile Mankind with Nature"

MFA Kera, creole from Madagascar, singer and composer has two passions: music and nature. MFA Kera's involvement with the reforestation of her homeland Madagascar - e.g. cooperating with musician-activist Ricky Olombelo and her work with well known artists and environmental activists like Ben Wagin from Germany ("Parliament of Trees","Water Museum") - have encouraged her to extend her vision to the whole of Africa and expand internationally. She met the international organisation Trees for the Future in Washington DC and supports their actions all over the world.

The wonderful charismatic voice of MFA Kera and the music of her group Black Heritage featuring Mike Russell promote reforestation, bio-diversity, and sustainable development. The Moringa Oleifera tree is used as a symbol. The "miracle tree" can save the life of millions.

The repertoire of Black Heritage, the music, the contents of the lyrics and the eclectic musical career of MFA Kera are shaped like a tree: The roots are Africa, the trunk and branches are growing into musical styles, interfused through encounters and travels around the globe, and trees produce oil and flowers and fruits.

The seeds of knowledge and sharing develop, the circle of life, the tree of life.
MFA Kera proposes concerts with guest musicians, and artists. Forestry experts, medical practioners and scientists are invited and video-projections shown. Workshops for children and teenagers are held. Together with children from Madagascar MFA Kera has produced a song about the "miracle tree" in her last CD "Talking Africa". With songs and lyrics for schools (published by Klett Verlag) she introduces children and young people playfully to the theme of reforestation and other environmental issues.

She calls her project "The Power of Music and Arts to reconcile Mankind with Nature". It is fed through information and communication with various networks.
She is asking foundations and associations to support her appeal to reason and common sense and to take action.

"We are in a state of extreme & scary emergency, but it is never too late!"


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