Talking Africa


Short content of the song texts
(All songs are based on personal experiences & situations)


1. Talking Africa: Mfa Kera-Udo Bekemeier - Mike Russell / Mfa Kera - 3.42
2. 'Ma s'en va: Mfa Kera / Mfa Kera - 5.22
3. Ylang Ylang: Mfa Kera / Mfa Kera - 4.37
4. ASAP: Mfa Kera / Mfa Kera - 4.51
5. Brother Bagpipe: Mfa Kera / Mfa Kera - 5.12
6. We are One: Mfa Kera U. Bekemeier/Mfa Kera - 5.27
7. BMBO: Mfa Kera / Mfa Kera - 4.35
8. BalDuDu: Mike Russell-Mfa Kera / Mfa Kera - 4.21
9. Lolita: Mfa Kera / Mfa Kera - 5.10
10. Tap Tap song: Mfa Kera / Mfa Kera - 3.51
11. Lizza: Mfa Keral / Mfa Kera - 4.55
12. 21 Years: Mike Russell / Mike Russell - 4.59
13. Moringa Ananambo: Mfa Kera-Ricky Olombelo[Bonus track] - 5.23

Radio Edits:
14. ASAP: Mfa Kera/Mfa Kera - 3.50
15. 21 Year: Mike Russell / Mike Russell - 3.51
16. Moringa Ananambo: Mfa Kera-Ricky Olombelo - 4.00

Song for the Tree Project- “The Power of the Music & Arts to reconcile Mankind with Nature”.
ARRANGEMENTS: Reinhard KATEMANN/ Mfa Kera & Mike Russell
>>1.--- Talking Africa: " see the color of that blood, it's the same for everyone.." The Introduction song of the Black Heritage show.-Here feat. guests such as the bass player and singer TM Stevens and Singer composer Themba Maxwell from South Africa...A Song of invitation to celebrate

>>2.-- Ma s'en va:  the village wakes up...the news spread..Old Mama is leaving for the eternal rest - it is just the time to peace and serenity

>>3.-- Ylang Ylang: the rare and unique perfum of the flower of Madagascar Ylang Ylang symbolizes sensuality, between love and pain without being any of them...but some more like this perfum..-"missing you.."

>>4--- ASAP: humour & realism.."'s time for you to get a're even not my husband but ..just, just a has been for me."

>>5.---. Brother bag pipe: It is seldom to hear a black brother playing bag-pipes...and still more rare to hear the red hair man playing talking drums.. "play the blues my brother and spit all this salted water"- on bag pipes my friend
Valery Theresin from Martinique

>>6.--- We are one:( pray, sing dance all your holy books & do not denigrate my animist philosophy as we are one in this Holiness the Wholeness." Vegetal, animal, digital...mineral"

>>7.--- BMBO: the funny story of a very small shepherd - this simple man whose third goat gives birth in the train Dakar Bamako...and has to pay for a forth ticket to the controler..."
Am I rich, Am I poor??"

>>8.--- Bal Dudu: an African young lady wanted and studied to become "Une grande Chef- cuisiniere" "Une" being the female of "Un" in the French language-A "grand chef cook" but in Paris it has to stay masculin...all ways. She tired to clean the ovens in the restaurant kitchens, she decides to publicize the old recipies of her ancestors..African cuisine will sell by thousands.. happy end! putting in evidence the richness of our patrimonies..

>>9.--- Lolita: human trafficking...a victim talks about her unbearable experience-renamed Lolita by her traffickers she relates and denounciates the destiny of millions caught into modern slavery

>>10.---Taptap: public transportation in Africa and most of the world..carrying millions through the overcrowded streets and monstruous jams...imagine a jam with all taptaps of the world and the opportunity to "stop the engine and exchange while all clears up.."

>>11.--- Lizza: is a story of exile, who flees "obscure so called traditions", it is a success story not without obstacles-.feat.the turkirsh saz player Derya Takkali

>>12 ---  21.years -"We got the right"-call to all people who have the right to be heard and have access to dignity and respect -21 years old is the young man going at war...

>>13.--- Moringa Ananambo:Song for the trees-symbolized by the Moringa Oleifera tree".the !"Miracle Tree" that grows almost everywhere where folks are...starving..Song for the reforestry project "The Power of the Music & Arts to reconcile Mankind with Nature-"(feat Ricky Olombelo & kids of Madagascar



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